Orphan page for Alliant students interested in research on SMART Recovery or Practical Recovery.

Initial access to the data is offered as a professional courtesy. The data should not be referenced without permission. See below for info on how to gain official access.

1) SMART Recovery annual surveys











Numbers of complete surveys range from 274 (in 2008) to 1450 (in 2017), total 7926 surveys over 10 years. Surveys have 21 questions in some years, to 71 questions in other years (surveys are not uniform year to year, but many questions are the same or similar year to year). Many questions have multiple answers. Conclusion: this is a large dataset

Investigators will need to apply for official access to this data, by using the following process:

(contact Tom Horvath directly for the process to get access, contact info below)

A chronology on SMART Recovery is here:

and see:

A bibliography on SMART Recovery is here:

There are 3 Alliant dissertations on SMART thus far (Tom Horvath could serve on your committee, as he did on these): Guarnotta (2014), Milin (2007), Bogdonoff (2002)

2) SMART Recovery has over 50 meetings per week in San Diego county. If a research project is approved (see above), it would be relatively easy to collect data from subjects before or after these meetings:

Meeting list:

3) Practical Recovery offers an apparently unique approach to intensive treatment, the IIOP (Individual Intensive Outpatient Program). Clients attend, typically, 3-4 individual (possibly couples or family) sessions per day, up to 5 days per week, up to several weeks, and have a treatment team of, typically, 5 psychotherapists and a comparable number of alternative/holistic healers. According to some theories of psychotherapy multiple therapists should be counterproductive, but in practice (over nearly 20 years), the process appears to be effective.

Data collection is relatively easy because the client is involved for only 1 or few weeks of intensive treatment. Data collection might occur at the end of each day or several days.

One Alliant dissertation has been completed on the IIOP (which had a different name then): Godkin, 2010

Contact for further information.


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