Change planning in SMART Recovery

by Julie Myers, PsyD

Change doesn’t necessarily happen without careful deliberation and planning.  If we just expect things to happen on their own, we can end up repeating the same behaviors we hoped to change.  For example, let’s say the change I want to make is to add more positive social interactions into my life.  If I don’t think about how I’m going to accomplish this, I can easily fall back into the habit of working too much, engaging in non-fulfilling activities (such as watching TV), or drinking/ drugging.

Instead, if I consciously plan-out the steps I need to take to engage in social activities – such as limiting work hours, setting up appointments with friends, signing-up for a class – I am more likely to actually follow-through.  Also, exploratory why I want to make this change will help me build the motivation to stick to my plans.

So the next time you want to make a change in your life, try some thoughtful planning with pencil and paper.  SMART Recovery has a great worksheet to help you with your planning, which you can find at


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