SMART Recovery:  Finding “balance” in our lives.

by Julie Myers, PsyD

Volunteer Adviser, SMART Recovery San Diego

How do we achieve Lifestyle Balance?   (SMART Recovery Point 4)   This topic has come up a lot in our local San Diego meetings.  Many are finding themselves overburdened with work, trying to overcome growing economic worries.  The trouble is, sometimes we become less productive as we work more.  Why is this?   Because both the body and brain need time to decompress, rewind, and relax.

We need variety in our lives.  Creating balance means learning how to plan your week so that you include exercise, social activities, adequate sleep, and meaningful activities you enjoy.  It also means learning how to recognize when you are becoming overburdened and need to take the time to recharge.  So next time you find yourself spinning your wheels or feeling like you need to drink/drug to relieve the stress, take a break.    You may find yourself getting more work done instead of less!


Copyright 2011 Julie Myers, PysD:  Psychologist in San Diego.  All Rights Reserved.

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