Working a SMART Recovery

by Julie Myers, PsyD

Change in recovery takes work, just like learning any other new skill.  It rarely happens without effort.   Try these simple tips to make faster progress in your recovery:

  • Write down a list of SMART Recovery tools you can use and keep it handy, such as in your wallet, purse, or phone.
  • Complete a Cost/Benefit Analysis and keep it close for quick review.
  • Post motivating coping statements where you can see them often, such a mirror, refrigerator, or car.
  • Use a planner or calendar to plan your day out to include non-using, fulfilling activities.
  • Work through the SMART Recovery Handbook, with pen and paper.  You will be surprised the difference actually doing the exercises will have.  (You can also download most of the exercises from )
  • Participate fully in SMART Recovery meetings.  Volunteer to have your problem as the focus of the meeting.


Copyright 2011 Julie Myers, PysD:  Psychologist in San Diego.  All Rights Reserved.

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