SMART Recovery:  Lifestyle Balance

by Julie Myers, PsyD

Volunteer Adviser, SMART Recovery San Diego


Many people know how to maintain balance in our lives….. we just forget to do it!   So how can we remember to take the time to include relaxation, exercise, adequate sleep and nutrition, and enduring satisfactions in our busy lives?    For many people, it requires forethought, planning, and reminders.  Here are some simple tips participants came up with in my last SMART Recovery meeting:

* Keep a regular schedule for sleep, exercise, and nutrition

* Use a schedule or calendar to plan out your days/weeks to include a variety of life activities

* Keep track of how much time you spend on different types activities over the course of a week

* Post reminders to yourself in conspicuous places about what you want to do or be

* Every morning, visualize how your day will go and how you will include balance.

* Keep your sports clothing where you have easy access to them; you never know when the mood might strike.

* Set yourself a goal, such as exploring one new thing each week or month.

* And most importantly, monitor your internal state.  If you feel stressed, depressed, or want to use drugs/alcohol, ask yourself what is missing in your life?


Copyright 2011 Julie Myers, PysD:  Psychologist in San Diego.  All Rights Reserved.

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