The SMART Recovery Handbook

by Julie Myers, PsyD

Volunteer Adviser, SMART Recovery San Diego

At one of our recent meetings, we discussed the SMART Recovery handbook.  Interestingly, we didn’t talk about anything particular that was IN the handbook.  Instead, we examined why those who owned a copy of the book never even open it and why those who open, never work through the exercises!

Some of the beliefs people have about the handbook hold them back from actually benefitting from the wealth of information that it contains.  Some of the beliefs expressed in the meeting were:

  • I must read and complete the book all in one sitting
  • I must fill out the exercises perfectly.
  • Someone will see what I wrote and judge me.
  • It won’t help me.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I must not ruin the book by writing in it.
  • If I see my issues down on paper, it may force me to change.

If some of these beliefs are familiar to you and you’re finding it difficult to start using your handbook, I suggest that you go through your own exercise of disputing your beliefs.  You may find that you actually start using your handbook and benefiting from it!


Copyright 2011 Julie Myers, PysD:  Psychologist in San Diego.  All Rights Reserved.

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